For the Vydac SelectaPore brochure, I wrote the text, designed a layout consistent with journal advertising already produced by another agency, and coordinated production with the printer. Excellent quality printing and competitive prices are available from Faust Printing in Rancho Cucmonga, California.

The Excel Scientific corporate capabilities brochure was a collaborative effort. Bambi Cahilly had some ideas. I proposed a basic concept, and we incorporated Bambi's ideas and suggestions into that framework. I wrote the text, designed the layout, and coordinated production with the printer. This brochure was also printed by Faust .

The Pall BioPharmaceuticals handout was an informal brochure for short-run laser printing produced to support the exhibit at the TIDES 2001 trade show. The graphics are a combination of my drawings and charts produced from raw chromatographic data supplied by Pall BioPharmaceuticals chemists and images supplied by the client. Text was written by the client with minor editing by me. The objective was for this to provide the basis for a more polished printed publication as time and resources permit.

I did most of the product photography, wrote, and designed the two Excel Scientific product brochures. The information is essentially identical to that presented on the Excel Scientific website. The brochures were printed by CopyCraft Printers in Lubbock, Texas who also provide excellent quality, service, and pricing.

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